ROV NZ Limited provides High Definition (HD) Underwater Inspections and Survey services using the latest innovative Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) systems and technologies.

Why use ROV NZ? 

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) are a safe and efficient tool to use in situations where there is a risk to divers ‘Health and Safety’. This can be due to environmental limitations to divers which include dive depth, dive duration, biological dangers and also chemical dangers. Our ROV systems are significantly cheaper to mobilise and maintain while on projects due to the latest innovate technologies. With our portable innovative ROV Control Room, our systems and services and can be mobilised easily nationwide to your project location.

ROV NZ provides realtime High Definition (HD) underwater footage and can conduct surveys and inspections for many industries including:


Shipping & Vessels

Port Security & Customs

Pipeline Inspection

Law Enforcement

Marine Research & Conservation

The benefits of using our ROV NZ services in comparison to a commercial dive team:

  • Significantly lower your operating costs
  • Cost efficient option for mobilisations
  • ROV’s are a safe alternative to the natural risks of dive time and duration of commercial diving team
  • Unlimited dive time
  • High Definition (HD) realtime video quality for quality assurance, marine and infrastructure surveys
  • Able to operate in hazardous environmental conditions
  • Systems and personnel can be easily mobilised to any national location
  • No need to risk human life to the dangers of confined space entry in ballast and water tanks
  • Reduced insurance risk and liability
  • The team has of one of the most experienced ROV operators in New Zealand
  • We have global subsea knowledge and experience
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